Animal - Exploring the zoological world

Phaidon (Auteur principal)

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Animal: Exploring the Zoological World chronicles the captivating visual history of zoology: a rich and multi-faceted discipline that straddles art, religion, science and culture, from the birth of life to the present day.Comprising 300 illustrations painstakingly selected by an international panel of experts, Animal draws from many cultures, countries and eras, and presents iconic works by renowned artists, scientists, photographers and field experts - from manuscripts, paintings, sculptures and photographs to animations, prints, sketches and digital renderings.- Key Selling Points - A visually stunning, broad-ranging survey in the style of Phaidon's internationally bestselling Plant: Exploring the Botanical World; Map:Exploring the World and Universe: Exploring the Astronomical World Spans history from Aristotle and Pliny the Elder to the emergence of zoology in the 18th and 19th centuries and on to the modern day with groundbreaking high-tech images from the world of science and such iconic pieces as concept sketches for Disney's Jungle Book - Includes such household names as Charles Darwin, Ernst Haeckel, John James Audubon, and Robert Clark, as well as lesser-known figures including the Arabic scholar Al-Jahiz and the Swiss naturalist Conrad Gessner - Features large-scale images, accessible texts, and reference information, including an animal tree, glossary, timeline, and biographies.- Entries are curated by an expert panel of zoologists, curators, conservationists, and other specialists, all from leading institutions.A wonderful gift for animal lovers everywhere


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ISBN 071487681X
Contributeurs Phaidon (Auteur principal)
Format Beau-livre
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Nombre de pages 352
Éditeur Phaidon gb
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Catégories Livres, Animaux, Art, Musique et Cinéma


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